Ghosting pattern...?

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A little vent, I guess... But...
Idk why, but every time I’ve shown a dom my face, 99% of the time he’ll seem to just slowly fade off into the void...? 🤨
I don’t think I’m pretty, but am I really that terrible-looking?
The only men I remember continued talking were double my age and I’m not looking for such a huge age gap. Idk. Am I overthinking? Whatever it is, it’s not good for my loneliness, lol >>

Ah, I know I’m just needy, but I don’t want this post taken as something to guilt anyone. I’m just venting my frustration... However, if you’re no longer interested, then please just let me know! Please don’t keep me waiting for a reply because it feeds my anxiety and I don’t quite like it, ahhh >:’T
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