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Husband wants threesome for us "both"

Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2020 3:46 am
by Bianna
No judgment please! My husband and I have been talking dirty allot while making love. A few wks ago I mentioned I fantasized about being with a woman, even had a few dreams about it. We since have talked in depth about finding someone for me to experiment with. A few days later while making love, talking dirty, he told me me had thoughts about what it's like for a woman to give a bj and to have anal sex. We have talked a lot about this so that I clearly understand it's not about the man..only the penis. He is not attracted to men but would like to try giving a bj and receiving anal sex. I have googled and read SEVERAL things about this and believe it or not it's common for men to have these thoughts. I even found a study that said 98% of men have these thoughts but don't admit it. I do not believe my husband is gay at all, I've read allot on signs of men being gay and he didn't fit any of the criteria of being a gay or bi man. My husband said he would like to experiment this with me participating but never would for fear of ruining our marriage. I just don't know how to feel about this! Why is it ok for me to experiment with a woman but I can't imagine him doing this with a man. He wants to feel a penis go from soft to hard in his mouth and rcv anal sex but does not want to give it.

Please, without being hateful or judgmental please help me to understand this! Thanks in advance!

Re: Husband wants threesome for us "both"

Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2020 4:33 am
by Rngrsgte5
This does not sound bizarre at all - at least not to me. Prostate massage is a great sexual enhancement for a man. It can increase the intensity of his orgasm and even the number of spasms in his ejaculation. He wants to be natural it seems to me, not to use toys .but actually indulge with another man instead, w/added thought of possibilities for you in the experience remaining open. In other words, options remain open that would be absent resorting to toys instead. He may also be starting out slow in order to see how you react to the idea and to gauge how your attitude toward him might change.