Tour details

Yellowstone this summer

Placed: August 12, 2022

Destination: Madrid, Colombia

Starts: September 23, 2022

Ends: October 25, 2022

We are booked for our first visit to Yellowstone the second week of August. The plan was to stay 2 nights at Canyon Lodge, then one night at Old Faithful Inn before heading to the Tetons for 4 nights. All reservations are booked and can be cancelled. Flying in/out of Bozeman, traveling with two kids - 12 and 10.

At this stage we assume that Mammoth and Lamar are off limits and won't be open when we get there. This could change but for now let's assume this is the case. Just curious as to what those of you with a lot of experience with the park think of the odd/even license plate plan and how traffic being limited to the southern portion of the park is going to impact the overall experience? There is clearly still plenty to see and do in the park so we are considering staying the course and making the most of it.

In GTNP we had booked Colter Bay Village but staying at the edge of Jackson Lake right now is also not ideal. The marina is already closed for the season and the lake is not expected to reach 50% volume this year. So we are considering staying in Teton Village instead and taking day trips into GTNP.


41 years old  

Madrid, Colombia