HIV and Herpes Avoidance in Bisexual Singles Dating Online

stop herpesThe spread of sexually transmitted diseases has increased rapidly in the past decades with thousands of persons becoming infected. Bisexual health professionals have seen it mandatory to implement prevention strategies for the sexually active person to engage in the safe sexual practice.  Diseases such as HIV and Herpes have become most prominent within the society we now live because of alternative lifestyles. Of on that is more common is the HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) and Herpes.

Against popular beliefs, HIV is not transmitted through bisexual persons but by the high levels of unprotected sexual behaviors that persons engage in.

Intervention strategies can protect persons from contacting and STI or STD. It becomes potent in the lives of individuals when they follow the guidelines given to safeguarding against such diseases. What bears truth is most persons who are educated about safety tips and behaviors are the ones that are least likely to practice unsafe sexual behaviors?

Bi-sexual are not excluded, the educating of safe sex is your responsibility. The distribution of “safe sex” brochures are very tangible, it gets the message across to a wider population quickly.Brochures  encourage healthy sexual activities as well as safe sex tips.

If you are planning to stay in a long term relationship, one advice can for you and your partner to get tested, so you can both enjoy the freedom to engage in sexual relations. This encourages a  high level of trust in the relationship.

The  question is how do bisexual singles dating online protect themselves from contacting the Herpes virus and protect bisexual health?

STD’s are shared by contact with skin to skin, known by most, some diseases are shared by needles, but this virus (Herpes)  most time known as genital herpes is not so visual as other std’s it lays quietly between outbreaks. This subtleness of this virus makes it difficult to detect if someone is infected. In order to maintain healthy sexual lifestyles, there are safety tips that one should take to protect themselves from such risks.

bisexual dating onlineOne common sign of herpes are sores around the mouth or sores on the tender parts i.e. around the opening of the anus, on the more tender genital areas, at the inner thigh of an infected person. Asking questions is one way to clear up any doubt you may have.Condom usage sometimes is impotent since sores can be on the genital areas where the condom does not protect. This danger in having unprotected sex is no one can detect if your partner has this disease. The reality of contacting this disease is high, protecting the entire genital area with a dental dam and protect yourself from contacting body fluids during sex, specifically oral sex.

It is best to ask your partner, it’s why I will not promote date sex, it is one of the most common ways persons get infected with STD’s. Do not try to examine your partner genitals either, because the signs disappear in persons. Even when there are no signs of sores or lesions the disease is very present.