Bi Girls How to Prepare for Your First Date

You’ve met that special someone and finally it’s time for that first date. It can be a very exciting, yet very stressful time and you want everything to go well. The impression you make during this date will stick with your date for as long as you know her. Remember, your date is going through the same thing at the moment: how do I prepare for the big date? You can prepare yourself in twelve easy steps.

  1. If you are planning to get a new hairdo for the big date, get it done a few days ahead of time. Don’t leave it for the last minute. You don’t want to dye or cut your hair on the day of your date. If something goes drastically wrong, you won’t have time to fix it before your date arrives.
  1. Choose an outfit (or buy a new one) at least a day in advance. If you try to find an outfit just before the date, you may find your favorite clothes in the laundry. Then what? The panic begins! So pick out that outfit early.
  1. Find out exactly what the plans are for the night so you aren’t surprised by anything. This will help with your choice of clothes and will also calm your nerves, since you will know what to expect.
  1. Get a manicure and pedicure. You’ll feel fantastic and relaxed for your date. You’ll also have that well-groomed, together look.
  1. Talk to a friend about your excitement (or nerves!). Friends will ground you. They will also want to hear all about the date when you get home!
  1. Watch a girly movie on the day of your first date. This will really get you in a sappy mood and help you truly enjoy your day! Remember, if you are thinking good thoughts, good things will come to you. Like attracts like!
  1. Stay away from negative people on the day of your date. You may have some people in your life that are always negative or jealous that you have a date and they do not. Keep your distance from these people before your big date. You don’t want their negativity to rub off on you.
  1. Don’t stuff your face with food before the date; you will have no appetite for the dinner out. You want to look and feel your best. Do make time to workout or do a little exercising as that will help with the nerves, you’ll feel more calm and your body will be more svelte looking.
  1. If you are driving (it could happen) then be sure you have enough gas in your car. It also wouldn’t hurt to drive through a car wash, just to have that extra sparkle!
  1. Breathe! This will calm all the flutters of excitement in your stomach. The best technique is to breathe in for 7 counts (count in your head) then hold your breath for 5 counts. Breathe out for 7 counts and then hold your breath for 5 counts. Repeat. This will calm you in minutes.
  1. Do some homework. In the days leading up to your date, take time out to catch up with current events and hot topics. These are great conversation starters and you will be able to impress your date with your knowledge. Having a variety of topics to discuss with your date will also help you discover what your date is interested in.
  1. Be Positive. You’re going out to enjoy yourself, after all. Don’t start worrying about what disasters could happen, because that way they are far more likely to. Don’t forget to smile and let yourself be you. Have fun.

Use these twelve tips and you will be well prepared for the first date. You’ll feel confident and ready for anything. Don’t forget to enjoy the whole process. You never know where this first date may lead!