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Street Address 1206 Whispering Pines Circle
City Frisco
ZIP/Postal Code 75034
State Texas
Country United States

Once I hooked up with a guy after work. I was to meet him at this carpet store, park my vehicle, and ride with him to his house for sex. I had been in contact with him for a few days on Craig’s List. He seemed pretty level headed but acted kind of sketchy from the beginning of our ride to his house. He drove up a hill through very isolated roads and finally arrived at his place deep in the woods. It was a very nice home – he obviously had a lot of money. I noticed a Porsche parked as we entered his house through the closed garage. I mentioned it nonchalantly. He explained that it was his friend’s car whom he hasn’t seen a month (odd right).

We went straight to his living room and I noticed a black bag partially opened with rope, handcuffs, and nefarious looking tools. I started to talk and he told me be quiet and only speak when I was spoken to. He told me that, if I had any questions, I was to address him as sir. I’ve never been in a situation like this and I was half excited and half scared. He told that if I did everything he wanted me to, I would not face ‘consequences’. He made me strip and he stroked my well-endowed cock to erection. He pushed me to my knees and shoved his cock deep into my throat and fucked my mouth furiously until he shot his first load. I was settling into being a good boy for him. He asked if I wanted something to drink – if I did I was to ask for it. I asked meekly, “May I have some water sir”? He got a big grin on his face and told me I was “being a very good boy”. After about a 1/2 hour, he commanded me to kneel on his couch with my ass facing him. He reached underneath and stroked my dick. I could feel him lubing my asshole and then entered me from behind with his average (7″) cock. Again, he fucked me with fervor – hard and fast until he came inside me for the second time. I was getting a bit less nervous as his demeanor seemed to change – he was happy with my submission apparently. He would ask me questions about my personal life and I obediently answered with ‘sir’ in every reply. This pleased him and I was grateful for that as I had one eye on his ‘black bag’ of restraints, which he never used on me. I imagine that if I had resisted in any way, I believe he would have bound me and ‘who knows’ what would have happened.

After an hour or so, he asked me if I wanted to shower. “Yes sir, that would be very nice”, I had to play his game. We went to his bathroom and we both got into the spacious, stand up shower and proceeded to bath together. he got ANOTHER hardon and pushed me onto my knees and I began to suck him in the flowing warm water. He had a bit of a hairy belly and I can remember the hair tickling my nose as I took his full erection into my mouth. I looked up and he had his head thrown back in ecstasy. He grabbed my head and thrust his cock deep down my throat and came with unbelievable force. I couldn’t believe how much cum this dude still had in him even after using me for the third time in less than 3 hours. He ordered me to dry off and get dressed. He kissed me and praised me for being so obedient. That was the only contact he made with me on a personal level.

It wasn’t much afterwards that he drove me back to my car in the city. As I exited his vehicle, he once again told me that he enjoyed me and that I was a “very good boy” for him. No mention of meeting up again and that was ok with me – I was honestly quite scared throughout the whole ordeal -in a way it was exhilarating though. This was the only time I faced being a ‘slave’ to an apparent sex-fiend. There were reports of young men ‘missing’ in the area. I couldn’t help but think of his ‘black bag’ and all of the weird bondage items in it. Not to mention the Porsche his friend “abandoned” in his closed garage. I actually wrote an anonymous letter to the police in reference to ‘missing men’. I don’t think anything ever came of it. I really hope this guy isn’t involved in any disappearances but I wonder at times.

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