Has anyone met a stranger at a motel bar and ended up sucking him off?

Street Address 183 Sarah Drive
City Sulphur
ZIP/Postal Code 70663
State Louisiana
Country United States

I have often thought of trying to pick up a guy at a motel bar. I guess I just haven’t worked up the nerve. If you sit next to a perspective partner, how do you start the conversation to “feel” him out? I’m sure that there are many guys traveling for business etc that would love a blow job during a stopover. Anyone have any good conversation starters? You can’t just walk up and ask if he would like a blow job. I was thinking that if the bartender was gay or bi he would turn guys on to your wishes. I’ve been to a motel room with a guy before, but I have never gone into the bar and started from scratch.

I have read/heard of guys trolling by leaving your door ajar and laying naked on your bed. But I figured that was if YOU wanted to ravaged. I’m just looking for a suck and go meet. I don’t mind at all bouncing my forehead off a bit of a beer belly either. I do love mushroom heads though.

If a guy you met at a bar a few minutes into the conversation mentioned that he had all his remaining teeth removed so he didn’t have to worry about dental bills in retirement and commented that his ex wife used to joke about it saying,”Yeah, you’re probably really bisexual and wanted to be more popular with your guy friends.”

Maybe just say that you always wanted to know how good it felt to GIVE gumjobs. Maybe just say outright that you are bisexual and thought it would be a kick.



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